Teacher training workshop at Redearth Centre in Uganda

Teacher Training

Working in collaboration with the District Education Offices, Redearth has created the Developing Good Practice in Teaching and Learning (DGPTL) training programme for government primary teachers.

Since 2008 Redearth has trained over 2,000 teachers in this programme, as well as Headteachers, Co-ordinating Centre Tutors, District Inspectors and student teachers.

The programme aims to improve and sustain learning outcomes in Ugandan schools by enhancing teachers' pedagogical knowledge and practice, and creating a positive and engaging learning experience that makes children want to come to school. Helping these children remain in school is crucial to improving their life chances and helping their families escape the cycle of poverty.

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Good teachers are at the heart of every great school.

‘Even in the best-equipped schools, children will not get good services unless teachers are well trained and motivated.’

- Ritva Reinikka, Director of Human Development in the World Bank

Good Teaching and Learning Practices

With the guidance and endorsement of the District and Municipal Education Officers, government schools are selected to take part in the Redearth Education teacher training programmes.

Redearth Education use a rigorous process, which has shown to contribute positively to pupil engagement and academic progress. Training manuals have been written and published by Redearth, designed to meet the needs of the teachers and pupils in the local Ugandan context. These have been repeatedly adjusted and improved over the years as we have learned more about existing obstacles to learning, some unexpected and ‘invisible’. As such, our training is

experience-based and builds the capacity of local teachers to better understand how to support children's learning.

Interactive Teaching Strategies

Positive Learning Environment

Pupil Motivation

Children participating in interactive learning activities
Example of a positive learning environment
Teacher motivating her pupil to learn

Gender Equality

Continuing Professional Development

School Ethos

Example of gender equality in the classroom

Teacher delivering training
Teachers creating positive school ethos

In-Service Teacher Training

Redearth Education seeks to motivate primary school teachers and support their professional growth through in-service training.

Redearth Education aims to enable all primary school teachers to access professional development through training. This can reduce the district's high pupil dropout rate and improve learning outcomes through quality education.

Our in-service training programmes focus on the building of positive relationships in the classroom, as well as the motivation and skill development of teachers in interactive, engaging methodologies. We use a range of teaching and learning strategies to do this including group work, partner talk, role-play, use of learning aids (made from local materials) and positive methods of behaviour management which encourage and motivate pupils.

Training session with student teachers

Pre-Service Teacher Training

Redearth Education works to support students studying in government Primary Teacher Colleges to become teachers.

As the source of all teacher training, Primary Teacher Training Colleges (PTCs) are the "root" of all school culture and underpin all teaching practices.

Returning to this root, and improving the quality of student's delivery prior to classroom teaching, can help transform the quality of learning in every school and carry it into the future.

PTC Training →
Pre-primary teacher in classroom after training

Early Childhood Development Training

Redearth Education provide training and support to government nursery teachers and student ECD practitioners, using the Redearth nursery as model of good practice.

The Redearth Education team provide local nursery teachers with the skills and resources that help ensure every child in their class is able to learn well and enjoy their learning.

Working with Kymabogo University, Redearth Education also provide ECD training to new nursery practitioners. Delivered by Kyambogo University tutors and Redearth Education staff, the ECD training enables prospective nursery teachers and caregivers to gain their nationally-recognised diplomas.

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Supporting Programmes

To support our goal in achieving long-term sustainability and local governance, the Redearth training programme is supported and enhanced by The Redearth Achievement Award and the Lead Teacher Programme.

The Achievement Award supports teacher training
Redearth Achievement Award →
Lead Teachers deliver teacher training in Ugandan schools
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