Redearth Education Model Nursery

A model of good practice in western Uganda

The Redearth Model Nursery delivers child-centred, play based

teaching and learning to 75 children per year in Masindi, Uganda.

The Model Nursery is run by a Ugandan team of staff that has been receiving ongoing

training and is now providing high quality teaching and learning.

There is much interest in the Redearth Nursery, nationally and internationally, and with its learner-centred approach it has received many visitors. Redearth is currently developing a programme for the training of government nursery practitioners, using the Redearth Nursery as a practical model and the adjoining Redearth Training Centre for training sessions.

Pre-primary education:

The first step to the rest of their lives.

Learning at the Redearth Nursery

In 2015, at the top of the hill in Masindi Town, the Redearth Model Nursery opened its doors to its first pupils. Today, there are 75 children (aged 3 to 6) currently receiving high quality pre-primary education.

The Ugandan pre-primary curriculum is delivered by highly-trained Ugandan nursery teachers. The teaching methology is child-centred and activity-based where children learn by doing, through play and interaction with their environment. This engaging way of teaching enables young children to develop emotionally, socially and intellectually, gaining a fundamental understanding of letter sounds, word and number recognition.

Training at the Nursery

The Redearth Nursery was established to provide a model which can be used to deliver professional development opportunities to Ugandan primary and pre-primary teachers.

Redearth-supported teachers from government schools are able to learn, by first hand observation, of good practice and strategies which they can then implement in their own classrooms. During their training, teachers learn how to make learning aids from free, locally-found recycled materials to enhance their lessons.

Redearth Training Centre →

Skills for lifelong learning.

At the Redearth Nursery, pupils participate in many interactive and meaningful activities. Our nursery children begin to understand concepts through the use of concrete materials, games, role play and the physical manipulation of objects.

Numbers and letters are framed in playful, engaging ways to help each child establish a strong foundation for future literacy and mathematical proficiency. This includes games and songs to identify numbers and letters, listening to stories and making up their own stories.

Interactive & constructive play helps our nursery children to develop their social, motor and behavioral skills, to develop a deep respect for others, and to build enriching and supportive