Teacher training session at the Redearth Centre in Uganda


Teacher Training

Redearth Education works to support students studying in government Primary Teacher Colleges to become teachers.

In 2017 Redearth Education delivered a pilot project in one of Uganda's core government Primary Teacher Training Colleges (PTCs). The Ugandan Ministry of Education & Sports has confirmed that the programme is suitable for delivery in all colleges and plans are now underway to extend the programme in Western Uganda.

Empowering the next generation of teachers

As the source of all teacher training, Primary Teacher Training Colleges (PTCs) are the "root" of all school culture and underpin all teaching practices.

Returning to this root, and improving the quality of student's delivery prior to classroom teaching, can help transform the quality of learning in every school and carry it into the future.

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Good Practice

Redearth Education's PTC programme seeks to embed good practice within the teacher training cycle from the very beginning.

Our team of Field Officers train PTC students and their tutors using Redearth Education's modules in the successful Developing Good Learning and Teaching Practices programme.

Redearth training helps build teachers' skills and confidence to try out more effective, research-based strategies when beging teaching in government school classrooms.



Student teachers and their tutors develop a broad range of practices to promote and embed positive behaviour in their classrooms. This involves enabling every child to participate in the lesson, even when there are up to 200 children in a class.

Redearth training provides practical examples of techniques to engage children, improve their motivation and to positively manage pupil behaviour, This involves learning how to create games, tools and learning aids with free, locally-sourced materials to make classroom learning fun and feasible.

Models of

Good Practice

To help translate training into classroom practice, Redearth Education establish models of good teaching and learning practice at the college for students to learn from and emulate.

Student teachers are able to visit the model clasroom throughout their study, developing a practical understanding of what is needed to create an interactive, clean, good-quality and relevant physical learning environment.

Sustaining Improvements

The Redearth Education PTC programme seeks to begin to integrate the training of Tutors and Students into our current in-service training programmes. This aims to establish both (a) a strong pre-service foundation and (b) a lifelong, continuing framework of professional development (CPD) within local teaching communities.

The programme is rooted in sustainability, as it works to equip new teachers with skills to adapt to evolving pedagogical developments throughout their careers, ensuring that schools become resilient to staff changes, and preparing the next generation of educators for the challenges of the future classroom,