Redearth Education - Uganda Team

Redearth Education Uganda is a registered Ugandan NGO (NO. S.5914/8040).

Redearth's team in Uganda are central to the organisation. They are the future of Redearth Education. One of our founding objectives is to create a sustainable, local organisation which can continue with the work of Redearth for many years to come.  As the founders have often said "the best outcome would be for us to be redundant".  

As the work of Redearth has grown, so has their Ugandan team. They are made up of a Project Manager, field support officers, teachers, administration staff, and many volunteers from programmes such as the Lead Teachers.  They have all been given intensive and ongoing training and are already delivering their own teacher training workshops, which were received with great delight.  

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Redearth Education Senior Team

Mugisa Jared

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Jared is responsible for every aspect of programme activities in Uganda, including strategic development and positioning, resource generation, country programme planning, implementation and monitoring, as well as project accountability to individual donors.

Janet Wamara

Project Manager

As Project Manager, Janet oversees a team of Field Officers who visit schools to implement Redearth activities. Janet supports the team to better equip local teachers with the best pedagogy, and assists in monitoring and supporting them in the field.

Redearth Education Administration Team

Edward Kawuki

M&E and Accounts Officer

Janan Omuya

Senior Administrator

Sharon Karungi

Admin Assistant

Norah Ayebale

Admin Assistant

Richard Wenani

ICT Assistant

Redearth Education Field Officer Team

Chris Birungi

Senior Field Officer

Constance Nyamikola

Senior Field Officer

Martin Muweleza

Senior Field Officer

Joseph Mwirugazu

Senior Field Officer

Kelly Hughes

In-House Teaching & Learning Consultant

Denis Uringi

Field Officer

Peter Omukule

Field Officer

Alex Onyang

Field Officer

Violet Ahura

Field Officer

Redearth Education Centre & Nursery Team

Rose Atugonza

Teacher In Charge of Nursery /

Baby Class Teacher

Evalyn Arach

Middle Class Teacher

Saudah Kababito

Top Class Teacher

Juliet Karungi


Hanifah Kalisum


Dorcus Aliango

Assistant Cook

Janet Vumulia


Museka Ignatius

Site Supervisor