Our Projects

in East Africa

Teacher Training

Redearth Education works with local government to support teachers through pre-service and in-school professional training.

From training student teachers in colleges to supporting head teachers leading local schools, we empower Ugandan educators to provide life-changing education to vulnerable children, so that every child in their classroom has the chance to succeed.

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Teacher Recognition

The Redearth Achievement Award inspires, motivates and rewards teachers within Redearth's training programmes.

This level of support and recognition helps re-engage teachers with their love of working with children, helping them feel motivated and positive about their jobs,

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A Network of Teachers

Redearth Education works together with local government Education Offices to build a network of skilled teachers committed to empowering all teachers in their region.

The Lead Teacher programme enables teachers to cascade the delivery of high-quality education to other teachers in other schools.

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Early Childhood Development

Redearth Education enables 3-6 year old girls and boys to get the best start in life by supporting pre-primary teachers.

A quality nursery education enables us to prepare each child for primary school where they will be able to thrive, decreasing their chances of dropping out. at a young age.

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Early Grade Literacy

Redearth Education works with local teachers to help girls and boys stay in school longer by supporting them to read and write.

The Redearth Early Grade Reading Programme uses a phonics approach, and has a proven impact on enhancing the capacity of teachers to use methodology which helps all pupils learn well.

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Community Projects

From a community School Feeding programme run without Redearth funding to sharing best practice with parents, community members are at the heart of our education work in Uganda.

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