Our Impact

Since 2006, Redearth Education has enabled over 1,000 government teachers to develop their careers, empowering them to improve their teaching and helping them feel positive about their jobs.

This is directly impacting the learning of 60,000 children,










Reading Programme

Redearth Education is excited to be working as part of a consortium of NGO's RTI (SHRP and LARA), STiR Education, Aga Khan Foundation, GPE to integrate the best parts of our programmes into an improved overall reading programme being rolled out to schools across the country.

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Model Government Schools

Redearth Education is working with The Masindi District Education Office to develop two government schools as models of excellence, and to further develop leadership and management capacity throughout the district.

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Improved literacy in Masindi schools

after 3 years in the Redearth Education Reading Programme

3% illiteracy rate in local language

0% illiteracy rate in English.

Improved teaching quality

in schools currently in the Redearth Education Achievement Award

84% of lessons include group work elements

In 74% of classrooms, learning aids are used by teachers

Improved learning outcomes

in schools currently in the Redearth Education Achievement Award

Average 6.3% points higher than national average.

Higher average point score in final national PLE exams.