Lead Teacher Programme

Redearth Education are creating a community of teachers who are skilled, confident and committed to transforming the quality of learning in every school.

Working in collaboration with the District and Municipal

Education Offices, Redearth created the Developing Good Practice in Teaching and Learning (DGPTL) training programme for government primary teachers.

35 Lead Teachers, and a number of high level practitioners, receive additional training and support by Redearth Education, endorsed and supported by the District and Municipal Education Officers, to deliver the programme to teachers within their own schools and in other local schools.

Masindi's Lead Teachers

Through the Redearth Lead Teacher Programme, we work to train and equip teachers to become trainers and mentors of their colleagues and teachers in other schools, as well as their own schools. In doing so, we can help ensure that this knowledge is firmly rooted within local teaching communities and passed on in the future.

Teachers need to have achieved a minimum Silver Level in

teaching and learning before they can become a Lead Teacher. Those who display strong leadership skills throughout our training, as well as a high level of good practice in their own classrooms, are now part of our Lead Teacher Programme.

Today, Redearth Education work with 35 Lead Teachers who are dedicated to supporting both their own schools and the schools of others on a voluntary basis.

Meet Bako Scovia, a Redearth Lead Teacher in Masindi, Uganda.


Redearth Education works closely with the District and Municipal Education Officers to deliver the Lead Teacher Programme.

The District Education Office grants each Lead Teacher 18 half-days per year to ensure they are able to carry out these responsibilities. The DEO and MEO also support the project through the provision of people (in-service trainers and school inspectors) to take part in the teams that assess the schools for the Redearth Achievement Award.


Redearth Education works to achieve long-term, sustainable improvements that can continue into the future without external intervention.

For any project to make a sustained impact, there needs to be a mechanism for hand-over to a local organisation.

The Redearth Lead Teacher programme is central to ensuring that this is possible. By building a skilled and confident network of teachers who can train, support and guide their colleagues, we can ensure that the change we help deliver in schools is passed on from generation to generation of local teachers - reaching every child as we move through the 21st century.