Early Childhood Development

Redearth Education provide training and support to government nursery teachers and student ECD practitioners, using the Redearth Nursery as a model of good practice.

In 2017, Redearth Education ran a pilot project to use the Redearth Model nursery as a focus for training local nursery practitioners. Six government schools participated in the project. Each school has developed well over the year and demonstrates how good practice can be implemented in the local context. All of Redearth training is in line with government policy.

Delivered by Kyambogo University, Redearth Education also provide ECD training to pre-service nursery practitioners. Delivered by Kymabogo University tutors and Redearth Education staff, the ECD training enables prospective nursery teachers and caregivers to gain their nationally-recognised diplomas.

Pre-service ECD training →

In-Service Training

The Ministry of Education and Sports are keen for the good practice seen in the Redearth Model Nursery to be developed in other government nurseries.

Redearth's training enables nursery teachers to better interpret the Ugandan Early Childhood Curriculum, and to deliver it in a manner which helps all pupils to progress in the key areas of learning.

Training focuses on current interactive, child-centred teaching methods, as well as strategies in how to manage and engage such large classes. It is delivered by Redearth Director and Early Years’ Specialist, Di Cosgrove and Redearth Senior Field Officer, Chris Barungi. Monthly monitoring visits are undertaken by Chris, as well as meetings to share ideas, reciprocal visits and training workshops.

Every child needs an education that enables them

to grow, thrive and succeed.

By the time a child begins primary school, at the age of five, their brain is already 90% developed, largely determining their capacity to take in and use information.

Access to quality pre-primary education is known to have a lasting and transformational impact on a child’s ability to learn and remain in school.

Enabling a child to access primary education and beyond is crucial to helping them lift themselves and their families out of poverty.


Increased knowledge and and understanding by nursery teachers in child-centred, interactive learning.


  • Training in interactive teaching strategies, lesson planning, the learning environment, assessing and monitoring
  • Training in creating learning aid displays and resources from free, locally-sourced materials
  • Planning interactive activities and games for groups that focus on social, motor and behaviour skills development and help build children’s competency
  • Visits to observe and work alongside the staff in the Redearth Model Nursery.


Enable a local, Ugandan team to deliver ECD training and support in the future.


  • Additional training and support to build the capacity of Senior Field Officer to deliver the whole project and to take on further nursery schools
  • Training with teachers to enable them to independently train and support their colleagues in their nursery community  
  • Meetings with the local community on a regular basis to provide opportunities for discussion and sharing of information.