UBS TV Clip from the 7th Annual Achievement Award Ceremony, March 2019

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Redearth Education's Achievement Award

Supporting teachers by recognising and celebrating their achievements, fostering positive self-esteem and re-awakening their love of teaching and working with children.

To further strengthen the "cascade model" of our training, and to maintain teacher motivation after initial training, Redearth Education developed the Achievement AwardÍ› programme. Schools in the programme focus on improving the key areas covered in Redearth's Developing Good Practice training. To progress through the award levels, participating schools must meet specific criteria in each area. This provides a quality standard.

Why Teacher Motivation?

How can we motivate teachers when they are surrounded with huge challenges, both in their work and their home lives?

People like their successes to be recognised; this helps them feel good about themselves and drives them to achieve more. Yet many teachers in Uganda do not receive the support and encouragement they deserve.

Without recognition for their incredibly challenging, hard work, teachers will not feel appreciated or that they are making an impact on their pupils' lives. They begin to lose sight of the importance of their work as teachers.

Ugandan teacher feeling motivated

The Achievement Awards

Local teacher after training to increase motivation

There are 4 levels of achivement , which both individual teachers and entire schools can reach and be awarded for in the Redearth Education Achievement Awards programme:

  • Foundation Level
  • Bronze Level
  • Silver Level
  • Gold Level
Teacher training helps improve motivation

1. Training

Each academic year, teachers take part in Redearth Education's training in Developing Good Teaching & Learning Practice, focusing on interactive teaching strategies; creating positive classroom environments; positive behaviour management; equality in respect of girls.

Teacher motivated to improve practice

2. Implementation

Throughout the year teachers are observed and supported by Field Officers and Lead Teachers to improve the standards of teaching and learning in their classrooms, by putting into practice the core elements of Redearth training. This involves making engaging learning aids, incorporating group-work and moving towards a pupil-centred approach to teaching.

Redearth team of assessors for Achievement Award

3. Assessment

At the end of the academic year, teachers and schools are assessed against a set of Redearth Education achievement criteria that provide a rigorous quality standard. Assessments are carried out by a team of Redearth Field Officers, local Lead Teachers and local government District Education Inspectors.

Redearth Award ceremony to celebrate teachers' successes

4. Achievement

Once the results are in, teachers and headteachers from participating schools come together for the year's official Redearth Education Achievement Awards ceremony. Together, we celebrate and congratulate all of the hard-working teachers and schools for their achievements throughout the year.

Ugandan classroom with great positive learning environment


Redearth Education have seen a remarkable, sustained improvement in the delivery of lessons among schools in the Awards Programme.

"The results achieved by the project in terms of student outcomes and development in classroom delivery are excellent, for which all stakeholders should be incredibly proud."

- Enable-Ed, 2016 Independent Evaluation

Ugandan pupils using learning aids in their lesson

Improved quality of teaching

  • In 74% of classrooms, learning aids are used by the teacher in the lesson
  • In 80% of classes learning aids are on display and are supporting children learning
  • In 84% of lessons there was a group work element
  • In 75% of lessons students were using learning aids to support their learning
  • 100% of schools had a behaviour policy that is being implemented and stresses the importance of reward/positive reinforcement
  • 100% of the evaluation sample found that schools which had received SEN training by Redearth have much higher numbers and percentages of children with SEN and that the teachers in these schools have a much greater awareness of how to respond to the specific needs of these children

Ugandan pupils working in a group during lesson

Improved quality of learning

  • Schools in the award scheme had on average 6.3% points higher than the national average and all schools in the project had higher average point scores in the final PLE exams
  • 67% of pupils whose basic skills (Math) is higher than schools outside the award
  • 77% of pupils whose basic literacy (English) marks are higher than in schools outside the award
  • 68% of pupils who basic literacy (Runyoro) marks are higher than schools outside the award improved attendance:
  • In 90% of schools annual attendance has improved by 10% for both boys and girls compared to 2014 levels