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"Every education system is only as good as the teachers who provide hands-on schooling" (Unesco Institute of Statistics, 2016).

About Us

Redearth Education is a volunteer-led UK charity and Ugandan NGO, working to transform the life chances of the next generation through high-quality education.

We work with local government to provide quality training to primary and pre-primary teachers in public schools that are often remote, overcrowded and under-resourced.

Our training programmes help build the skills, motivation and confidence of rural teachers, enabling them to meet the needs of every child in their class. Without this level of support, many Ugandan teachers would not be able to access the resources and training they need to help children in their classrooms succeed.

Enabling children to remain in and progress through school is one of the most effective ways through which they can lift themselves and their future families out of poverty.





1,200 teachers

60,000 children

Our Goal

  • Improve the quality of teaching in government schools

  • Enhance school and District leadership

  • Provide a model of outstanding leadership to other education settings

  • Enhance educational quality, educational experience and learning outcomes for all children.

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Our Approach

  • Working in partnership with the local community

  • Promoting self-esteem and confidence (the essential emotional component for positive change)

  • Promoting the importance and love of the job of teaching

  • Modelling of sustained good practice

  • Active and engaged learning by participants

  • Learning through enjoyment

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