Empowering teachers

so that every child has the chance to succeed

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What we do

The classrooms of Uganda are filled with dreams. Dreams of becoming accountants, lawyers, nurses, engineers and teachers. This is indeed a land of vision and hope, dreams and ambition.

Redearth Education work alongside local governments to train and support primary & pre-primary teachers - helping children move closer towards their dreams.

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Our Vision

Redearth Education are working to create a future in which

every child has an equal chance to succeed, every community to thrive.

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A well-resourced classroom for every teacher.



A skilled and motivated teacher for every child.



A dedicated network of teachers for every school.



A well-led school delivering quality education for every community.

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For today's children,

for tomorrow's world.

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We have only one chance to make this world a better place for the next generation.

Join a community of people from around the world and become a Champion of #EducationForAll, to help create a future where every child has an equal chance in life.

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